U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
February 6, 2019

HbA1c Levels on the Increase in Teens, Young Adults With
Type 1 Diabetes

Pharmacists have an opportunity to educate teenagers and young adults on better adherence to type 1 diabetes therapy. A new study finds that a minority of adults and youth have blood glucose levels in line with clinical guidelines. Here are more details.


Not Unusual for Pediatric Respiratory Infections to Persist Past 3 Weeks
When parents ask if their child has been sick too long with a respiratory illness, pharmacists can now provide some evidence-based data. Find out how a new study determined that recovery can take as long as 23 days for symptoms such as runny noses and wet cough to resolve.

Extending Varenicline Use Helps Decrease Smoking Relapse in Cancer Patients
Smoking-cessation medication doesn’t always lead to long-term success in patients who need it the most—those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Discover why a study suggests that lengthening the duration of varenicline use plus counseling can make a difference.

Levodopa Improves Symptoms, Doesn’t Modify Course in Parkinson’s Disease
For more than a decade, the question of whether levodopa is disease-modifying for Parkinson’s patients has remained open. Now, a new study provides a disappointing answer—that the drug only improves symptoms. Here is more information.

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