U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
March 6, 2019

Caution Patients on Diuretics to Protect Themselves on Hot Days

After an especially frigid winter, many people are looking forward to warmer seasons. But for patients who take diuretics, weather that is too hot can increase their risks for potassium depletion. Here’s how pharmacists can advise them.


Nonpediatric EDs More Likely to Prescribe Unnecessary Antibiotics to Children
Children who seek urgent treatment often are prescribed unnecessary antibiotics, and the problem is much worse when they visit nonpediatric emergency departments (EDs). That’s according to a new study comparing antibiotic prescribing at EDs that specialize in children versus those that don’t. Here are the details.

Flucanozole Linked to Higher Rates of Miscarriage When Used During Pregnancy

Oral fluconazole might be used during pregnancy to treat conditions such as vaginal yeast infections. A new study calls that practice into question, suggesting that the oral antifungal drug can increase miscarriage risk at any dosage. Here is more information.

Complex Medication Regimens Increase Burden on ILD Patients

While the treatment might not be worse that the disease, it sometimes can complicate matters. New research looked at the complex polypharmacy associated with interstitial lung disease (ILD). Find out what percentage of ILD patients prescribed prednisolone had at least one comorbid condition that might be adversely affected by the medication.


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