U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
March 20, 2019

Fluorouracil Bested Three Other Treatments for Actinic Keratosis

With more than a third of older white patients developing actinic keratosis, pharmacists dispense a lot of medications for the premalignant skin disease. That’s why a new study identifying the best treatment is so useful. Here are the details.


High Testosterone Levels Linked to Greater Cardiovascular
Event Risks

Concerns about the link between high testosterone levels and cardiovascular events have been raised in the past, and a new study supports the association. Find out how much elevated endogenous testosterone levels increased rates of thromboembolism and heart failure in men and what that might suggest about the risks of exogenous testosterone.

Guidance on How to Use an Old Antibiotic Brought Back to
Fight Superbugs

Because they were developed in the 1950s, polymyxin antibiotics did not undergo contemporary drug development procedures. Now that the drugs have made a comeback to help fight superbugs, new guidelines have been created on how best to use them. Here is more information.

High Rates of Viral Suppression When HIV Is Treated Quickly

HIV treatment is more effective than ever, especially if it begins quickly and takes into account other psychosocial issues of patients, according to a major new study. Find out how an 86% viral-suppression rate was achieved after 48 weeks in those receiving speedy treatment.

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