U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
April 10, 2019

Misconceptions, Poor Communication Keep Eligible Adults From Statin Use
Pharmacists can play a role in combating misconceptions about the severity of statin side effects. That’s important, according to a new study, because many patients prescribed the cholesterol-lowering drugs don’t take them because of fear of adverse effects, and other Americans are never prescribed them. Here is more information.


Older Women With Osteoporosis Now More Likely to Use Bisphosphonates
Prescribing for bisphosphonates is becoming more targeted, which means the most appropriate patients now are being treated. Find out how and why that occurred, based on a new study of use of the drugs for osteoporosis.

Preventive Drugs Continued at End of Life Have Many Unnecessary Costs
Patients with advanced cancer and limited lifespans need to have their preventive drugs discontinued but often don’t, according to a new study. Pharmacists might be surprised at how costly that is financially, as well as to quality of life.

Longer-Term Beta-Interferon Therapy Appears to Extend Life for MS Patients
Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients taking beta-interferon drugs, the most commonly prescribed therapy worldwide, are getting an added benefit, according to a new study. After 3 years of use, life expectancy appears to increase. Here are more details from a large population study conducted by Canadian researchers.

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