U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
June 5, 2019

Are Inhaled Steroids Helpful
for Asthma Without High
Eosinophil Levels?

Inhaled steroids have been considered a gold standard in asthma treatment. Now, a new study calls the practice into question. Could many of the inhaled steroid prescriptions filled by pharmacists be no better than placebo for certain patients? Here is more information.


Esketamine Shown to Be Effective Against Treatment-
Resistant Depression

FDA approval of esketamine nasal spray offers a new option for patients with treatment-resistant depression. Research contributing to the FDA decision found significant improvement with esketamine nasal spray, which is used in conjunction with an oral antidepressant. Here are more details.

Statin Use Appears to Reduce Dementia Risk After Concussion in Older Adults
Statins have been shown to be highly effective in reducing cholesterol levels in adults at risk for cardiovascular disease. Now, a new study finds another advantage: reducing the likelihood of developing dementia after a concussion in older adults. Here are the details.

Study Suggests Antiplatelet Therapy Is Acceptable for Brain-Hemorrhage Survivors
New research could lead to a change in recommendations for use of antiplatelet therapy in survivors of brain hemorrhage. Find out what researchers determined about the risk of recurrent brain bleeds with use of the drugs, which are prescribed to prevent major vascular events.


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