U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
June 12, 2019

Use of Inhaled Steroids Linked to Reduced Lung-Cancer Risks in COPD Patients
Pharmacists who fill inhaled corticosteroid prescriptions for COPD patients and educate them on effective use might be helping more than they realize. A new study finds a link between use of steroid inhalers and a lower risk of developing lung cancer. Here are more details.


More Than 80% of Dentist-Prescribed Antibiotics Not Guideline Concordant
About 10% of antibiotic prescriptions come from dentists, but a new study suggests a surprising percentage of those are unnecessary and go against current guidelines. Find out what percentage of dentist-written antibiotic scripts is inappropriate and why that might the case.

Many ED Prescriptions Never Filled by Teens With Sexually Transmitted Diseases
It’s a different type of prescription nonadherence, but more than 40% of teenagers diagnosed in emergency departments (EDs) with a sexually transmitted disease never take their scripts to a pharmacy, according to a new study. Study authors offer some possible explanations but also call for more research to help remedy the situation.

Study Raises Concerns
About Adherence to Oral
Cancer Therapies

Use of oral cancer medications is becoming more and more common. A new study cautions, however, that adherence isn’t always optimal. Find out how often patients failed to follow therapy regimens and why that is a problem.

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