U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
June 26, 2019

Customers, Patients Are Aware That Many Pharmacists Struggle With Burnout
If pharmacists think they are successfully hiding their sense of burnout from patients, they might reconsider that idea. A fourth of respondents to a recent survey said they are concerned that their community and health-system pharmacists are overwhelmed by stress. Here is more information.


Determining Which Older Women Benefit Most From Treatment
for Osteoporosis 

Treatment for osteoporosis is not without side effects, but managing care for older women with more comorbidities can be complex. Find out how a recent study determined which women older than age 80 years might benefit most from osteoporosis medication, taking other mortality risks into consideration.

Pregabalin Associated With Adverse Effects, Especially in Teens, Young Adults
As pharmacists know, prescriptions for gabapentinoids have burgeoned in recent years. A new observational study raises questions, however, about risks—including suicidal behavior—in patients aged 15 to 24 years, especially if they are taking pregabalin. Here are more details.

TNFi Treatment Not Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Psoriatic Arthritis
Here’s some reassuring information pharmacists can share with patients who have psoriatic arthritis and related diseases: Use of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors does not appear to increase cancer risk. Find out how Danish researchers came to that conclusion.


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