U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
July 3, 2019

Generic or Brand-Name Levothyroxine? No Differences for CVD Risks

Pharmacists often hear concerns that generic levothyroxine isn’t equivalent to the brand-name version. A new study provides reassurance, at least when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Here is more information.


Statins Appear to Reduce CVD Events in Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation
Statins are highly effective in lowering cholesterol levels, but a new study suggests broader benefits. Find out how much the widely prescribed drugs reduced risk of stroke in cancer patients receiving radiation therapy of the chest, neck, or head.

Significant Increase in Dementia Found With Certain Anticholinergic Medications
Short-term risks with use of anticholinergic medications in older patients are relatively well-known, but what about longer-term effects? A British study suggests that the risk of dementia might be increased as much as 55% in older patients who use certain drugs for 3 years or more. Here are the details.

PPI Use in Infants With Acid Reflux Increases Early
Fracture Risks

Pharmacists increasingly fill prescriptions for acid-suppressing drugs for otherwise healthy infants. A new study raises questions about how that is done, however. Find out how much use of proton-pump inhibitors increases early fracture risk in that age group.


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