U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
July 25, 2019

Two-Thirds of Pneumonia Patients Received Too Many Antibiotics at Discharge
Guidelines might not be as clear as they should be on how long patients need antibiotics after discharge from the hospital for pneumonia, according to a new study. Find out what percentage of patients left the hospital with too many days of antibiotics and the effects of that over-prescription.


Fracture Risk Jumps Up With Common Antiosteoporosis
Drug Holidays

In an effort to avoid rare side effects, patients on medications to treat osteoporosis often take drug holidays. A new review of research suggests, however, that the practice might be riskier than suspected. Here are more details.

Twelve-Month Supply of OCs Cost-Effectively Prevented More Unintended Pregnancies
Pharmacists shouldn’t be surprised if they are asked to fill more 12-month supplies of birth control pills. Coverage is required in 17 states, and a new study used Veterans’ Affairs information to determine that the larger fill prevents more unintended pregnancies and is cost effective. Here is more information.

Metformin Reduces Dementia Risk for Certain Groups of Men With Diabetes
Use of metformin, the most widely prescribed medication for type 2 diabetes, appears to have an unexpected—but very welcome—result. Find out why a new observational study links the drug to a significantly reduced risk of dementia among older African American men with diabetes.

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