U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
August 22, 2019

CDC: Naloxone Dispensing From Pharmacies Increasing But Not High Enough
Pharmacists have a major role to play in preventing opioid-related drug overdoses by dispensing naloxone to temporarily reverse the effects, according to a new CDC report. Find out why public-health officials are concerned that naloxone dispensing from retail pharmacies isn’t high enough.


Despite Advances in Diabetes Treatment, Too Few Patients Meet Goals
New therapies approved in the last decade are revolutionizing diabetes treatment in the United States. Yet a new study says the percentage of patients actually meeting treatment targets is no better than in 2005. Here are more details.

NSAID Use Significantly Affects CVD Risks in OA Patients
Osteoarthritis (OA) patients depend on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—both prescription and OTC— to help control pain and inflammation. New research questions whether there is enough awareness of cardiovascular risks, however. Find out how much NSAIDs increase the already elevated heart disease risk in OA patients.

Antiviral Drugs for Hepatitis C Reduce Cancer Mortality Risk Nearly 50%
Despite the high hepatitis C cure rates from new antiviral drugs, some clinicians were concerned that the therapy could potentially increase death rates in patients who already had developed liver cancer. Find out how researchers not only disapproved that but also calculated that the antivirals reduce mortality by nearly 50%.

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