U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
October 9, 2019

Metformin Linked to Lower
Risk of T2D CVD Events
Than Sulfonylureas

Until a few years ago, prescribing metformin for type 2 diabetes patients with impaired kidney function was discouraged for safety reasons. Now, in a turnaround, a new study suggests that the recommended first-line treatment significantly decreases the risk of cardiovascular events in those patients when compared with sulfonylureas. Here is more information.


Visits Successfully Promoted

Medication-synchronization visits can be a valuable service that pharmacists offer to patients on a range of drug therapies. Find out why a new study also suggests that those visits are an ideal time to clarify immunization status and administer vaccines.

Study Finds Surprising
Variations by Age, Race
to Asthma Medications

One asthma therapy doesn’t fit all, a new study emphasizes. Find out how researchers determined that nearly half of young African-American children in a trial responded differently to their asthma treatment than older children and adults—and from white children their age in other studies.

Certain Antidepressants
Linked to Increased
Gestational Diabetes Risk

Pharmacists may want to counsel expectant mothers taking certain antidepressants to be on the lookout for symptoms of gestational diabetes.
They can also reassure other women that the medications they are taking do not increase the risk of the condition, based on the findings of a recent study. Here are more details.

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