U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
October 23, 2019

Treating Insomnia
Reduces Suicidal Ideation
in At-Risk Patients

Although prescribing sedatives to patients at risk for suicide might raise some concerns, a new trial that carefully monitored drug dispensing found that treating insomnia with controlled-release zolpidem actually helped reduce suicidal ideation in depressed patients. Here is more information.


Varenicline Safely Aids
Smoking Cessation in
Adolescents, Young Adults 

Varenicline is approved for smoking cessation in adults aged 18 years or older, but many smokers start with cigarettes much earlier. That’s why a new trial tested the drug in youths aged 14 to 21 years, finding it both effective and safe. Here are more details.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Might Receive Too
Many Steroids

Patients with ulcerative and Crohn’s disease are routinely treated with steroids when they have disease flare-ups. Find out why a new study recommends that use of the powerful drugs be limited to 3 months at a time and how reduction of use was achieved in some United Kingdom medical centers.

Researchers Raise Alarm
About Eye Damage From
Interstitial-Cystitis Drug

As the only FDA-approved medication for interstitial cystitis, pentosan polysulfate sodium is widely used. Find out why researchers suggest that could be risky for patients’ ophthalmological health and what they recommend about screening users of the drug.

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