U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
November 6, 2019

ACE Inhibitors Aren’t Always
Best Choice for First Treatment
of Hypertension

Big data is suggesting that many patients with hypertension could be on the wrong medication. Find out why a new study advises that, although angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are widely prescribed for people diagnosed with high blood pressure, that drug class might not always be the best option.


Antihistamines Before Pediatric Anaphylaxis Care Do More Harm Than Good
Before taking a child to the hospital, parents and caregivers too often try to treat anaphylaxis with antihistamines, which delays care. A new study strongly recommends using an epinephrine injector but not antihistamines, which don’t prevent death from severe allergic reactions. Here is more information.

CDC Issues New Guidance on Treating Vaping Lung Injuries
With more than a thousand cases of lung injury associated with use of electronic cigarettes, pharmacists might want to better educate themselves on the condition and how it can be treated. Find out what medications the CDC recommends for treating vaping-associated lung injury, and what factors might be implicated in the outbreak of cases.

SSRIs Appear Effective for OCD Behaviors in Youths on the Autism Spectrum
Common drugs used for treating depressions might help alleviate some of the troubling symptoms of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. That is according to a preliminary communication that states that selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) show promise but that more research is needed. Here are more details. 

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