U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
December 4, 2019

Exposure to Certain Antibiotics Might Increase Parkinson’s Disease Risk
The possibility that disruption of the gut microbiome might play a role in Parkinson’s disease is increasingly gaining traction. Related to that concept, a new study suggests that certain types of antibiotics could increase the risk of developing the movement disorder. Here is more information.


Determining Why PCPs
Over-Prescribe Corticosteroids
for Milder COPD

Despite adverse effects, inhaled corticosteroids are too often prescribed for mild-to-moderate disease even though guidelines limit their use to more severe cases. Find out what a new study discovered about COPD prescribing practices after surveying primary care providers.

Thanks to 2013 Guideline, Cholesterol Levels on the Decline in the United States
A new clinical guideline pushing for a risk-based approach to treating high cholesterol appears to be a success story. Find out how much overall cholesterol levels improved for American adults, especially those taking statins.

Suicide Risk Linked to Antiepileptic Drugs Likely Outweighed by Benefits
A Danish study suggests that little doubt exists about certain antiepileptic drugs putting patients at higher risk of suicide. On the other hand, researchers argue that benefits of the medication might effectively offset those low risks. Here are more details.


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