March 11, 2020

FDA Monitoring Any U.S. Drug Shortages Linked to COVID-19 Response

Pharmacists have reason to worry about drug shortages associated with the coronavirus outbreak, but the FDA says it is on top of the issue. Find out what federal officials are doing to monitor those risks and what they are proposing if supply lines are interrupted.


Intensive Blood Pressure Control Can Lengthen Life Up to 3 Years

When the SPRINT blood pressure study found that intensive hypertension treatment could reduce overall death rates by 27%, that got a lot of attention. Researchers now are hoping that their secondary analysis, which shows that setting blood pressure goals lower and treating to them can lengthen life by up to 3 years, will prompt even more healthcare professionals and patients to embrace intensive treatment. Here is more information.

Earlier Use of  Estradiol Postmenopause Linked to Better Heart Health

Hormone therapy administered postmenopause appears to have some benefits for lower risk of heart disease—but only if it begins fairly quickly, according to a new study. Find out when estradiol needs to be initiated to lower risk of atherosclerosis and when it is too late.


Standard Treatment for Pneumonia Usually Equal to More Powerful Antibiotics

Causative pathogens for pneumonia are rarely identified, leaving uncertainty about the choice of empirical antibiotic therapy. A new study suggests that clinicians who use antibiotics that target antibiotic-resistant bacteria as a first-line therapy for pneumonia may want to reconsider that approach. Here is more information.

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