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Pharmacy Law

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Liabilities 2/18/2015

Can a pharmacy be so far removed from the medication delivery system that it is immune from any legal responsibility?

OTC Liability for Pharmacists 12/17/2014

Does the pharmacist’s duty of care extend to warning patients about the possible adverse effects of nonprescription drugs?

Self-Defense and Employment Law 10/16/2014

Pharmacists are responding to threats of violence in a variety of ways, including arming themselves as a means of self-defense.

HIPAA Privacy Rights and Lawsuits 7/17/2014

As this case demonstrates, pharmacists should never access patient information for personal reasons.

Privacy and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs 5/16/2014

Do patients have a reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to their prescription drug information?

New Rules for Compounding Drug Products 2/19/2014

The New England Compounding Center meningitis outbreak inspired the creation of the Drug Quality and Security Act.

Time Matters: Statute of Limitations 12/18/2013

The time between an injury caused by a pharmaceutical mistake and the filing of a lawsuit is often crucial.

Lethal Injections, Drug Shortages, and Pharmacy Ethics 10/18/2013

Recent shortages of drugs used for the death penalty further complicate this controversial issue.

Driving Under the Influence: The Prescription Defense 6/21/2013

Can you be convicted of a DUI if taking a prescription drug as directed?

Pharmacists and Prescription Drug Schemes 4/19/2013

Two recent cases in Michigan involve pharmacists charged with running illegal prescription drug schemes.

Whistleblowing and Retaliatory Discharge 3/20/2013

Three cases involving at-will employment of pharmacists examine whether their terminations were legal.

Insider Trading and Clinical Trials 2/20/2013

The largest insider-trading case in history involves a doctor who provided results from an Alzheimer’s drug trial to a hedge fund.

Off-Label Promotion Is Free Speech 1/23/2013

Does the ban on off-label marketing of drugs violate a pharmaceutical sales representative’s freedom of speech?

Compounding: Problem or Pariah? 12/19/2012

The company at the center of the fungal meningitis outbreak was acting as a manufacturer and not as a traditional compounding pharmacy.

Emergency Contraception: Law & Ethics 11/20/2012

Illinois pharmacists are no longer required to dispense emergency contraception when their own religious beliefs are opposed to its use.

Recent DEA Developments 10/19/2012

E-prescribing of controlled substances and prescription misuse are among the many issues being addressed by the DEA.

Affordable Care Act (Mostly) Upheld 8/21/2012

Demands for pharmacist services under the ACA are likely to have a huge impact on future workforce needs.

The Controlled Substances Pendulum 7/18/2012

As gatekeepers of controlled substances, pharmacists must distinguish between legitimate and questionable prescriptions.

Pharmacy Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 6/20/2012

According to a government report, questionable Medicare Part D billing seems to be on the rise in community pharmacies.

DEA Continues Corporate Responsibility Drive 5/22/2012

Another chain-store pharmacy is being investigated for distributing “too much” oxycodone.
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