Ammonium Lactate–Containing...
Patients with diabetes often experience foot complications, such as ulcers, infections, and even amputations.1
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Antidepressant Treatment Concerns and...
Adverse drug events are an important factor influencing health outcomes of individuals treated with psychotropic medications.
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Nonpsychotropic Medication-Induced...
Many nonpsychiatric medications have the potential to cause neuropsychiatric events ranging from anxiety to psychosis.
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Overview and Management of Anxiety...
Treatment options include lifestyle modifications, psychotherapy, and pharmacotherapy.
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Psychopathy: A Review for the Pharmacist
Psychopathy is a serious personality disorder that can have significant negative effects both on individuals and on society.
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The Inpatient With Dementia
It is often the behavioral symptoms associated with disease progression that lead to hospitalization.
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Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Depending upon the severity of symptoms, patients may be treated in the inpatient or outpatient setting.
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Preventing Abuse and Addiction With Nonprescription Products 11/17/2014

Drug abuse is not limited to illegal or prescription drugs. Some OTC ...

Ebola…It’s Not a Movie 11/17/2014

Pharmacists should be aware of symptoms and be cautious when consulting with ...

Overview and Management of Anxiety Disorders 11/17/2014

Treatment options include lifestyle modifications, psychotherapy, and ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 11/17/2014

If left untreated, this extreme worry can eventually interfere with ...


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Lithium Toxicity: Risk Factors, Monitoring, and Management

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Off-Label Drug Use and Promotion

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Management of Menopausal Symptoms

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Review of Nonneurogenic Overactive Bladder

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