Assessing the Suitability of Blood Donors...
A donor’s drug profile is one reason for deferral, if there are safety concerns for either donor or recipient.
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Cardiac Fibrosis: New Treatments in...
Historically, cardiac fibrosis has not been a focus for treatment; however, it is now believed that therapy could reduce the progression of ...
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Cocaine-Induced Cardiomyopathy
Adverse effects, primarily cardiovascular in nature, are of concern because of their severe and possibly chronic nature.
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Digoxin Use in Modern Medicine
Digoxin, a cardiac glycoside, has inotropic effects in addition to effects on cardiac output.
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Patient-Centered Management of...
The pathophysiology is not fully understood, rendering pharmacologic treatment difficult.
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Reversal of Novel Oral Anticoagulants
No true antidote for these agents has been developed, so patients requiring rapid reversal must be appropriately monitored and managed.
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The Application of High-Sensitivity...
Testing for the inflammatory marker CRP may improve risk stratification, especially in intermediate-risk patients.
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Long-Term Care Pharmacy Liabilities 2/18/2015

Can a pharmacy be so far removed from the medication delivery system ...

Anticoagulants 2/18/2015

Anticoagulant medicines are used to keep blood clots from forming in the ...

Prevalence of Risk-Reduction Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease 2/18/2015

Evidence-based strategies, including the CDC’s Million Hearts ...

New Statin Risks and the Battle for OTC Status 2/18/2015

Attempts to switch cholesterol-lowering medications to ...

Hormonal Contraceptives Linked to Glioma 2/18/2015

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Hypertension 101: A Review of JNC 8

2.00 Credits, Expires: 2/28/2017 **Payment is required for exam to be graded.

Alzheimer's Disease: Overview and Pharmacologic Treatment

2.00 Credits, Expires: 1/31/2017 **Payment is required for exam to be graded.

Clinical Management of Peptic Ulcer Disease

2.00 Credits, Expires: 12/31/2016 **Payment is required for exam to be graded.

Lithium Toxicity: Risk Factors, Monitoring, and Management

2.00 Credits, Expires: 11/30/2016 **Payment is required for exam to be graded.
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