Contribution to Breast Cancer Prevention...
New guidelines recommend chemoprevention (tamoxifen or raloxifene) for high-risk patients.
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Gender Differences in Pharmacokinetics
Women are underrepresented and gender-specific analysis is uncommon in most clinical trials.
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Heart Disease in Women: Different Than in...
It has been suggested that physicians may be misdiagnosing women more often because their symptoms may differ from those experienced by men.
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Managing Gestational Diabetes: The...
In this innovative practice model, pharmacists collaborate with women's health providers to educate patients.
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Vasectomy: Anesthesia and Postoperative...
Surgical techniques are directed at decreasing pain, discomfort, and complications.
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Acute Management of Patients With Chronic...
Managing fluid and electrolytes, anemia, and mineral metabolism is key to optimizing therapy.
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Androgen Therapy in Women
There are no testosterone pills, patches, or gels currently approved by the FDA for treating sexual dysfunction in women.
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Despite the efforts of law enforcement, many Internet pharmacies continue to ...

Risk Factors for Endometrial Cancer: Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes 9/17/2014

The most common gynecologic malignancy in the elderly may become more common as ...

Antibiotics in Infancy May Alter Long-Term Immunity 9/17/2014

Cellulitis: A Clinical Review 9/17/2014

To effectively treat this skin condition, a healthcare professional must ...

Gender Differences in Pharmacokinetics 9/17/2014

Women are underrepresented and gender-specific analysis is uncommon ...

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