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Technology and Adolescent Health 5/16/2014

The eagerness of adolescents to adopt technology applications creates a unique opportunity to engage this population and empower them to embrace healthy habits.

Electromedical Modalities in Pain Management 3/19/2014

Pain specialists can now prescribe treatments that attack moderate-to-severe chronic pain using targeted electromedical modalities, such as spinal cord stimulators, electroanalgesic delivery systems, and pulsed radiofrequency therapies.

Opportunities for Health Information Technology in Clinical Neurology 1/22/2014

Health information technology is impacting clinical neurology in the areas of stroke treatment and home monitoring of patients using blood thinners; it also offers exciting potential in the management of patients with epilepsy.

Behavioral Health Management: Opportunities for Intervention With Health Information Technologies 11/15/2013

Health information technology has the potential to impact medication management, care coordination, and management of comorbid conditions in behavioral health.

Technology Support for Pain Management: e-Prescribing Controlled Substances 6/21/2013

To reduce the risk of fraud and diversion, the DEA sets forth stringent requirements for all parties involved in the e-prescribing transaction of a controlled substance.

HIT and Behavioral Health: The Challenges of Data Exchange and Privacy 12/19/2012

Privacy of behavioral-health records helps patients avoid social stigma and discrimination.

Health Information Technology Supports the Management of Infectious Disease 11/20/2012

Health information technology now provides easy, real-time access to high-quality data and decision support to link patient care with the information needed to improve outcomes.

E-Prescribing and the Impact on Medication Dispensing Errors 7/18/2012

Electronic transmission of prescriptions has the potential to reduce mistakes.

Computerized Clinical Decision Support and Drug Interaction Databases 3/20/2012

There is still work to be done to reduce or eliminate “alert fatigue.”

HIPAA: Privacy, Security, and Pharmacy Information Technology 11/16/2011

Many records kept in pharmacies meet the definition of protected health information; hence, pharmacy systems must satisfy HIPAA standards for privacy and security. 

What Really Is Electronic Prescribing? 9/20/2011

Only true computer-to-computer electronic data interchange using a nationally accepted standard is defined as genuine e-prescribing.

Embracing Pharmacy Technology 8/19/2011

This new column focuses on the electronic revolution and its potential for shaping the pharmacist's role in providing quality care.

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