Supplement Articles

Generic Drugs, Cost, and Medication Adherence 6/23/2015

Substituting less costly nonbranded drugs to lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs is one possible solution to the complex issue of poor adherence.

Interview With Ralph G. Neas, President and CEO, GPhA 6/23/2015

The Hatch-Waxman Act serves as a reminder of how one law can change the business aspect of current healthcare.

Ophthalmic Medications: The Safety and Efficacy of Brand-Name Versus Generic Formulations 6/23/2015

As patents of popular brand-name ophthalmic medications expire and generic formulations of these medications are approved, there is an ongoing debate among healthcare providers regarding the safety and efficacy of generic versus brand-name ophthalmic medications.

PPACA and Medicaid Generic Drug Reimbursement 6/23/2015

Efforts to agree on the appropriate federal upper limits formula have been under way for a decade, and the federal government is still using the 2005 formula.

The Purple Book: A Compendium of Biological and Biosimilar Products 6/23/2015

This compendium of FDA-approved biologicals and their biosimilar and interchangeable products assists pharmacists in implementing effective pharmacovigilance programs.

Update on Generic-Drug Labeling Requirements 6/23/2015

Under a proposed rule, generic-drug manufacturers will be able to update their product labeling prior to FDA review, accelerating the dissemination of safety information.