U.S. Dermatology Update eNewsletter
August 2021

Study: Probiotics May Improve Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms
Findings from numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that the gut microbiome can greatly impact the host immune system, providing protection against pathogens and sparking an immune-protective response. A story on the Healio News website reported that results from
a recently published study indicates certain probiotic strains improved atopic dermatitis
symptoms. Read more.


Benefits of Ceramides in UV Protection and Skin Care
The skin barrier, which is responsible for filtering 60% to 70% of ultraviolet (UV) B rays, is crucial to human life since it provides a physical block against environmental insults and water loss. An
essential component of the skin barrier is ceramides, which make up 50% of the lipids found in the skin barrier. Results from a recent study reveal the significance of ceramide levels in overall skin health. Read more.

FDA Approves First Fixed-Dose Combination Topical Medication for Acne Vulgaris
In a press release on July 27, 2021, the manufacturer Sol-Gel announced FDA approval of the first fixed-dose combination of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide cream, 0.1%/.3%, for the treatment of acne vulgaris in patients aged 9 years and older. The prescribing information indicates that the cream should be applied as a thin layer to affected areas once daily as directed, and the patient should avoid contact with the eyes, lips, paranasal creases, and mucous membranes. Read more

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