In a recent study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Dumbuya et al noted that, despite expanding knowledge of the benefits of lipid-containing formulations in promoting skin-barrier repair, there is inadequate knowledge of the clinical efficacy of these formulations following ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The monocentric, randomized, double-blind study was performed in accordance with Good Clinical Practices and the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.

The researchers examined the impact of UV-exposure on skin surface–barrier properties and evaluated the protective efficacy of a ceramide-containing sunscreen and moisturizing cream. The researchers indicated that establishing a skincare regimen that includes a moisturizer and sunscreen formulated with ceramides can help protect against UV-induced skin-barrier damage and improve overall skin-barrier health against chronic sun exposure.

In this study, titled "Efficacy of Ceramide Containing Formulations on UV-Induced Skin Surface Barrier Alterations," the researchers evaluated the following test zones: 1) untreated non–UV-exposed skin, 2) untreated UV-exposed skin, and 3) UV-exposed skin treated with a ceramide-containing sunscreen and moisturizer from the manufacturer (CeraVe). It was found that skin-barrier cells from the UV-exposed untreated zone were substantially damaged. However, skin-barrier cells from UV-exposed skin treated with ceramide-containing sunscreen and moisturizer were maintained and simulated the skin-barrier cells that were unexposed to UV–highlighting the significance of a ceramide-containing skincare routine.

The authors concluded that the results demonstrate that a ceramide-containing sunscreen and moisturizer routine protects against UV-induced skin-surface barrier changes by thwarting erythema and hyperpigmentation, improving skin hydration, and preserving normal superficial skin cells' morphology and turnover. In addition to enhancing appearance of lesions and minimizing skin irritation, the results highlight that delivering skin-identical stratum corneum lipids could add benefits to patients' daily routine by strengthening the barrier and improving skin health overall against chronic sun exposure.

Pharmacists can be instrumental in educating and reminding patients to use skincare products that contain ceramides since they help protect, restore, and maintain the natural skin barrier and overall dermatologic health.

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