December 9, 2020

Women Less Likely to
Be Prescribed Protective Medications After
Heart Attacks

Higher heart failure or mortality risks for women who have suffered heart attacks is at least partly related to less prescribing of protective medications, according to a new study. What other factors affect complications and survivability of women who have had severe and less-severe forms of heart attacks? 


Colchicine, Investigative Drug for COVID-19, Much More Expensive in U.S.

A gout drug that appears to be protective against future myocardial infarction and is being investigated to help lower COVID-19 inflammation demonstrates how pricing in the United States, related to the drug-approval system, can put patients at a disadvantage, according to a new report. Here is more information. 

Here’s Why Wearing Facemasks Helps Prevent Transmission of COVID-19 

Pharmacists, as both health professionals and retail workers, are often challenged by customers with questions about the benefits of wearing facemasks to protect against COVID-19. The CDC now has come out with a scientific brief that addresses many of those questions and ultimately concludes that mask-wearing has significant benefits. Here are more details.


Antibiotics for Children Aged 2 Years and Younger Appear Linked to Later Health Conditions

Are antibiotics prescribed for infants and young toddlers linked to a range of immunological, metabolic, and neurobehavioral conditions? A Mayo Clinic study suggests that could be the case for children aged 2 years and younger. Find out how researchers reached those conclusions and what they recommend. 

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