December 16, 2020

Are There Advantages to Continuing Bisphosphonate Therapy Past 5 Years?

What are the advantages of extending bisphosphonate drug therapy past 5 years to prevent osteoporotic fractures? Find out what a new cohort study found in analyzing what happened with nearly 30,000 women taking the drugs—including that continuing for another 5 years doesn’t seem to confer any benefit in most cases. 


Metformin Appears to Reduce COVID-19 Mortality Risk in Women With Diabetes

The most-prescribed drug for type 2 diabetes appears to be protective against COVID-19 mortality in women, according to a new study. The same did not appear to be true for men, however. Find out what the study found and why researchers think metformin could be beneficial in patients with novel coronavirus infection. 

Here Are the Most Common Complications of COVID-19

Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals have found it hard to track all of the complications and symptoms associated with COVID-19. A new study involving information on more than 70,000 patients infected with the novel coronavirus has come up with a list of the most common complications. Here is more information. 


Higher-Dose Flu Vaccine No Better at Reducing CVD Morbidity, Mortality

A somewhat surprising study has found that the high-dose influenza vaccine is no better than the regular shot in reducing deaths and hospitalizations in older patients with underlying heart disease. Here is how the researchers interpret their results and what they recommend. 

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