January 20, 2021

Pharmacies Face High Demand With Expanded COVID-19 Eligibility

Pharmacists should get ready for some crazy weeks ahead. Not only have federal health officials expanded who should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but more and more pharmacies will be expected to deliver those doses. Here are more details. 


Endocrine Society Makes Big Push to Lower Fast-Rising
Insulin Prices

As pharmacists well know, many diabetes patients are unable to afford the insulin that is essential to their health. The Endocrine Society issued a new position statement in an effort to change the situation. Here is how the specialty group recommends pharmacists and others can help.                        

High-Dose or Standard Flu Vaccine? Both Good Options for Older Adults

During influenza vaccine season, older adults often are confused about whether they are required to get the high-dose flu shot and whether it would give them more adverse reactions. A new study addresses those questions, finding that either the high-dose or standard flu vaccine are good options, and both have relatively low side-effect profiles. Here is more information.


Fatigue Persists After COVID-19, but Not Much Lung
Scarring Found

Patients who have recovered from acute COVID-19 infections often complain that they feel exhausted and unwell. Based on a new Irish study, pharmacists can reassure them that they are fairly typical, even of those who weren’t hospitalized for the infection. Also find out the good news—that lung-scarring doesn’t appear to be that common.

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