March 17, 2021

Will Increased Pharmacy Testing Lead to More Ability to Act on Results?

More and more pharmacies are adding testing to their services, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, pharmacies are now the second largest provider of CLIA-waived tests by the total number of locations. A new study raises the question of whether that significant growth might lead to expansion of practice to allow pharmacists to act on test results. Here are the details. 


CNS Polypharmacy Creates Risk for Community-Dwelling Dementia Patients

Pharmacists are aware of the common practice of prescribing too many—and often overlapping—central nervous system (CNS) medications to adults living at home with dementia. Find out how often that occurs, according to a new study, and why it can be so dangerous for patients and difficult for caregivers.

Study: Recovered COVID-19 Patients Need Only One mRNA Vaccine Dose

Even if supply becomes sufficient to give a COVID-19 vaccine to anyone who wants one in the United States, it still might be advisable to limit recovered novel coronavirus patients to one dose of mRNA vaccines, according to a new study. The reason? More severe side effects among those with pre-existing immunity. Here is more information. 


Shorter Antibiotic Course Noninferior for Nonhospitalized Pediatric Pneumonia

The emphasis on reducing unnecessary use of antibiotics argues for prescribing a 5-day course of amoxicillin to children with community-acquired pneumonia instead of a course twice as long, according to a new study. Find out how well that works and why researchers now are calling for a change in treatment guidelines. 

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