March 31, 2021

Are Fall-Risk–Increasing Drugs Behind an Increase in Fall Deaths in Older Adults?

While literally a balancing act, appropriately treating older adults for other conditions often means prescribing drugs that increase the risk of falling. Find out how common that is and how much the increase in risky prescribing correlates to much higher mortality rates from falls in the United States.


Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine Might Soon Be Available, But Will
It Matter?

AstraZeneca is expected to soon file for emergency-use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Pharmacists likely are wondering how much difference that will make. The answer is not clear considering the safety concerns raised about the AstraZeneca vaccine and ample supply of other vaccines soon coming on board in the U.S. Here is more information.

No Evidence That GLP-1 RAs Increase Breast Cancer Risk in Users

Earlier studies raised concerns that common type 2 diabetes drugs, glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs), might increase the risk of developing breast cancer. In a presentation at ENDO 2021 involving analysis of more than 50 studies, however, researchers report they were unable to determine any link between those drugs and increased breast cancer risk. Here are more details. 


Infliximab Use Affects Ability to Mount Immune Response
Against COVID-19

Inflammatory bowel disease patients using infliximab, as well as others taking anti-TNF drugs, should be carefully monitored after COVID-19 vaccination to make sure they are mounting an appropriate immune response, according to a new study. Find out why researchers are so concerned about that issue and what levels of COVID-19 antibodies they found in patients using immune-suppressing drugs.

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