April 7, 2021

mRNA Vaccines Very Effectively Reduce ‘Real World’ COVID-19 Infections

New research from the CDC confirms that messenger RNA vaccines are more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection 2 weeks after the two-dose series. That adds to the arsenal of information pharmacists can use to reassure those who are uncertain about the benefit of being immunized against novel coronavirus. Here is more information.


Animal Derived Medications Can Be Problematic for Some Patients

Many pharmacists have been questioned by patients, who for religious or ethical reasons, want to know which medications include animal byproducts. A new review looked at that issue and provides some background to help pharmacists provide information to patients and navigate the situation. Find out how a range of religions view the issue. 

Drug Coupons, Vouchers
Not Available for
Most Pharmaceuticals

High costs are barriers to many patients being able to get the medications they need. While vouchers and coupons can help, a new study finds that those have significant limitations. Pharmacists might be surprised by how few drugs include means to defray their costs and how little they help those who most need aid. Here are more details. 


IV Drug Combination Significantly Relieved Concussion
Headache Pain

Lingering headache is a common complaint after head injuries leading to concussion. The key might be what treatment is delivered in the emergency department. Find out how researchers determined that a combination of two common drugs delivered IV can be highly effective in providing relief.

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