April 28, 2021

Blood Clot Treatment Concerns Led to J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Pause

Unlike many other blood clot conditions, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis generally shouldn’t be treated with heparin. That was a factor in public health officials’ decision to pause use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six young women developed the rare type of blood clots. Here is more information. 


Once-Weekly Insulin Shown Safe, Effective in Recent Clinical Trials

As difficult as it is to get some diabetes patients to agree to administer daily insulin injections, assuring their adherence and proper dosage might be even more challenging. Find out what two new international studies had to say about the safety and effectiveness of once-weekly insulin and why the authors suggest that would result in better blood sugar control.

Concurrent Use of DOACs, Aspirin Can Increase Bleeding, Hospitalization

Pharmacists might raise some concerns when patients prescribed direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) for atrial fibrillation and/or venous thromboembolism report also regularly taking aspirin. A new study finds the practice is common, even though the combination therapy might be causing more harm than good, with increasing bleeding episodes and hospitalization. Here are more details. 


Dupilumab for Atopic Dermatitis Causes Ocular Effects, Not Herpes Infection

Despite concerns raised about increased herpes infections in atopic dermatitis patients using dupilumab, a review of reported adverse events doesn’t bear that out. Find out why clinicians should be more concerned about ocular events associated with the treatment and what can be done about that.

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