May 12, 2021

ISMP Offers Tips on Avoiding Errors in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Certain errors are more common than others when administering COVID-19 vaccines, whether they involve check-in or preparation of the syringes. Find out what the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) recommends to help pharmacists and other vaccinators avoid those mishaps and pitfalls.


Make Sure Other Medications Aren’t Exacerbating Hypertension in Patients

When filling prescriptions for blood pressure–lowering medications, pharmacists might make sure that the patient is aware of other prescribed drugs that could actually be increasing hypertension risk. That is according to a new study finding that, in almost 20% of adults with hypertension, other drugs could be exacerbating the situation. Here is more information. 

Pharmacy Deserts More Common in Black, Hispanic Neighborhoods

Pharmacies have become critical links in the nation’s healthcare system, which is a why a recent study decries the greater existence of “pharmacy deserts” in black and Hispanic neighborhoods in big cities in the United States. Find out which cities have the most pronounced disparities and the least availability of pharmacy care for minority areas, according to the report.


Omega-3 Supplements Raise AF Risks in Patients With High Blood Lipids

Omega-3 supplements are big sellers in pharmacies, whether OTC or prescription formulations. They aren’t appropriate for certain patients, however. Find out why a new meta-analysis warns of a greater risk of atrial fibrillation (AF) in omega-3 supplement users with high blood lipids.

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