May 26, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination
Rates Continue to Lag in
Rural Areas

In some urban areas, pharmacists have been swamped with requests for COVID-19 vaccines and, until recently, had to turn vaccine-seekers away. That apparently has been much less of an issue in rural areas, where immunization against novel coronavirus infections lags behind cities. Here is more information.


Questions Raised About Common HF Drug Combination for More Severe Cases

A new study shows that in patients with the most severe form of heart failure, sacubitril/valsartan combination therapy did not improve outcomes compared with a single component, valsartan. Clinical outcomes also showed no significant differences, and hyperkalemia was less likely in those taking the single agent. Here is more information. 

Increased Cognitive Impairment Linked to Many Schizophrenia Medications

Psychotropic medications used to treat troubling symptoms of schizophrenia can have unintended consequences, according to a new report. Find out how much the drugs, which have anticholinergic properties, can worsen cognitive function in patients who already struggle with functioning.


Corticosteroid Bursts’ Not Harmless in Children; Raise Adverse-Event Risks

The long-term risks of corticosteroids are well described in medical literature, but few studies have been done on short-term corticosteroid effects in children. Taiwanese researchers sought to remedy that and concluded that pediatric patients can suffer adverse effects even 3 months after a corticosteroid prescription. Here are more details.

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