June 30, 2021

Levothyroxine Therapy Overused in Patients With Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Many, if not most, of the levothyroxine prescriptions filled by pharmacists in recent years might not be providing much benefit. That’s according to a new study advising that the drug is overused for patients with subclinical hypothyroidism, even though studies have often demonstrated little quality-of-life improvement. Here is more information. 


Biden Administration Seeks to Accelerate Development of Antivirals for COVID-19

With some percentage of U.S. adults and children likely to never be vaccinated against COVID-19 because of opposition, hesitancy, or other medical reasons, the need for effective treatment is substantial. Find out one way that is being addressed by federal officials, who are investing in an aggressive program to accelerate the development of oral antivirals that can be taken at home by infected patients to reduce severity.

First Oral Blood Thinner
Is FDA Approved for
Pediatric Patients

Pharmacists dispense a lot of oral blood thinners for adults. Now, one has been FDA-approved for children. Find out when and how Pradaxa, available in oral pellets for younger children and capsules for older children, can be used after initial blood-clot treatment in pediatric patients. 


Nearly All COVID-19–Induced Loss-of-Smell Recovers Within
a Year

Patients who have lost their sense of smell because of COVID-19 infection should be cheered by the results of a new French study. Nearly all patients with COVID-19–related anosmia recovered their smelling abilities within a year. Yet some of them didn’t realize that those had fully returned. Here are more details.

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