July 14, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines Highly Effective in Front-Line Providers, First Responders

Here’s some good news in case pharmacists ever wonder if all of the effort to deliver COVID-19 vaccines was worth it. A study finding that mRNA vaccines were highly effective in protecting frontline healthcare providers and first responders from infection with the virus also establishes that the few breakthrough infections tended to be much milder than those for nonvaccinated personnel. Here are more details. 


Is There a Link Between Antibiotic Use, Colorectal Cancer in Younger Adults?

The issue comes up periodically whether overuse of antibiotics is playing a role in increasing gastrointestinal cancer rates in younger adults. A presentation at a recent European conference found a link between the two events, leading researchers to strongly urge that use of unnecessary antibiotics be curtailed. Here is more information.

Pharmacies Still Key to
White House Plans to Up
COVID-19 Vaccinations

While the White House is also pushing other locations—such as physician offices and mobile units—to deliver COVID-19 vaccines in order to increase uptake, community pharmacies are still critically important in the nation’s efforts to turn the tide on the pandemic. Find out what President Joe Biden had to say about pharmacists’ role in the effort.


Determining Best Treatment for Secondary Progressive
MS Patients

Optimally treating multiple sclerosis can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to choosing appropriate medications for advanced cases. A new study provides some new information on how drugs affect relapse and progression rates. Find out what the authors recommend for use of more potent agents.

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