October 6, 2021

Delta Variant Hospitalizations, Deaths Prompt Recent COVID-19 Vaccines

Pharmacists might have wondered why so many Americans suddenly decided they wanted to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after waiting months to do so? A new survey suggests that their decision was spurred by fear of the Delta variant and related hospitalizations and deaths. Here is more information


Women, Including Minorities, Make Up Growing Percentages of U.S. Pharmacists

The face of pharmacy is changing. Much of the diversity among pharmacists is related to the increasing entry of women—White, Asian, Black, and Hispanic—into the field, according to a new study. At the same time, the proportion of White men declined significantly. Here are more details.

Anti-Inflammatory Diabetes Drugs Show Promise Against Severe COVID-19

Some drugs used to lower glucose levels in type 2 diabetes patients have anti-inflammatory effects. Find out why a new observational study suggests that GLP-1R agonists and others might be protective against hospitalization, respiratory complications, and deaths with COVID-19 infections.


Pros and Cons of Pharmacy Compounding

The FDA defines traditional pharmacy compounding as “the combining, mixing, or altering of ingredients to create a customized medication for an individual patient in response to a licensed practitioner’s prescription.” There are numerous pros to compounded medications. They allow for customized, flexible, and precise dosing and are necessary when an FDA-approved drug product is not available or appropriate or for which the usual strength or route of delivery must be altered. At the same time, serious patient illnesses and death have been linked to poor-quality compounding drugs. Read more.

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