October 20, 2021

Vaccines Prevented up to 70,000 More Deaths From COVID-19, as of May

It turns out that herculean efforts by pharmacists and others to vaccinate older Americans in the community and nursing homes against COVID-19 early this year were well worth it. A new study suggests that as many as 70,000 lives might have been saved between January and May 2021. Read more.


What Are the Trends in Insulin Prescriptions in the United States?

While the use of newer insulins—and even biosimilars—is on the increase among type 2 diabetes patients in the United States, most common prescriptions tend to be for insulin analogues and insulin glargine. A new review of trends in insulin usage also notes increasing acceptance of insulin pens. Here is more information.

U.S. Groups Continue to Consider Acetaminophen Appropriate in Pregnancy

Recently, a consensus statement in a journal sent shockwaves through the obstetrics/gynecology communities. It urged expectant mothers to forego use of acetaminophen except in significant circumstances. Two U.S. groups, ACOG and SMFM, respond “not so fast,” however. They say the new evidence is inconclusive. Read more.


FDA Offers More Leeway on Proposed Hospital Drug Compounding Policies

If proposed FDA regulations go into effect, hospital and health system pharmacies that offer compounding services will need to make sure their policies and procedures don’t put them at risk for regulatory action, according to the agency. At the same time, the FDA has loosened a controversial 1-mile distribution restriction for compounded drugs. Here is more information.

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