November 3, 2021

Compliance With Antiretroviral Therapy Helps Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death

The risk of sudden cardiac death is significantly elevated in HIV patients with sustained viremia or low CD4 cell counts. Those patients already have an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, and the authors underscore the necessity of ensuring medication compliance. Here is more information.


Statins Not Beneficial for Preventing COVID-19 Mortality

Despite promising findings from earlier studies, statins were not found to be effective in reducing mortality in patients infected with COVID-19. In fact, researchers expressed concerns about a trend they identified for more-severe illness in patients taking the cholesterol-lowering drugs. Learn exactly what the authors discovered and what they now recommend.

Existing Conditions Can Influence Antidepressant Effectiveness

Using data from millions of patients, researchers have come up with a way to predict which antidepressants are more likely to lead to remission. The key is to use patients’ existing medical conditions to determine which prescription they receive. Read more.


COVID-19 Survivors Who Receive Vaccines Have More Durable Immunity

Previous infection with SARS-CoV-2 helps recipients of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine series maintain higher levels of antibodies over an extended period of time compared with persons with vaccination only, according to a new study. Find out why researchers say it matters, however, how long survivors wait after infection to receive vaccines.

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