December 8, 2021

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Somewhat More Effective Than Similar Pfizer Product

While it doesn't change what pharmacists should recommend to patients seeking COVID-19 vaccines, a new study answers a common question: Which messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine is more effective? A new study involving U.S. veterans reports that Moderna works slightly better, both in protecting recipients from infection and in avoiding severe cases.


Too Many Americans With Hypertension Use BP-Raising Medications

Is the effect of medications on high blood pressure (BP) under-recognized? A new study suggests that might be the case. It found that those drugs are associated with greater odds of uncontrolled BP among adults not concurrently taking antihypertensives and suggests alternative prescribing could be an answer.

Stronger Immune Response Results From Delayed Second Dose of mRNA Vaccines

Telling COVID-19 vaccine recipients to wait 3 or 4 weeks before receiving their second dose has become routine over the last year, but it is the best advice? Find out why a new study thinks it might not be and that a longer interval could boost immune response.


Statin Users Appear to Have Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer Overdiagnosis

Because statins lower inflammation, they also sometimes affect prostate-specific antigen levels. It has been unclear how that affects screening. Now, a new study suggests a possible beneficial effect: reducing the risk of overdiagnosis with little effect on mortality risk.

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