January 26, 2022

Pharmacy Payment Controversy Might Limit COVID-19 Antivirals Dispensing

While oral antiviral medications might help patients be free of severe symptoms, the system for dispensing them has pharmacists in a bind. Find out why a leading pharmacy group sent a strongly worded letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services warning that distribution of the drugs might be adversely affected because of "stingy" fees from health insurance companies.


ADT Add-On to Radiotherapy Improves Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

A first-of-its-kind meta-analysis published in The Lancet Oncology offers strong evidence that combining the addition of hormone therapy—such as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)—with radiotherapy treatment consistently improves overall survival in men with intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancer. The study also found that age nor radiotherapy dosage seem to affect the positive results. Read more.

Vaccine Hesitancy Decreased More Quickly Among Black Americans Than Whites

Some Black Americans might initially have been unsure about COVID-19 vaccines, but their hesitancy has declined more quickly than that of White Americans, according to a new survey. Find out why the authors suggest more focus should be placed on the other factors keeping members of that cohort from receiving the shots.


Receipt of Multiple Vaccines Appears to Reduce Dementia Risk for Seniors

Uptake of recommended vaccines remains too low among older Americans, but new information might help persuade them to roll up their shirtsleeves. A new study found that seniors who received both the shingles and Tdap vaccines are less likely to experience cognitive issues than those who received none or only one of the vaccine types. Read more.

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