March 16, 2022

Should Pharmacists Be Allowed to Order COVID-19 Antivirals?

Controversy over COVID-19 antivirals continues. Pharmacists are trying to get the White House to overturn FDA limitations so that they can order the effective drugs and broaden the availability of care. At the same time, the American Medical Association is objecting to COVID-19 care being managed by anyone other than physicians, further limiting it. Read more.


Older Patients Willing to Drug Optimize Through Deprescribing

Optimizing medication use sometimes requires deprescribing. A new survey from the Journal of the American Geriatric Society suggests that patients aged 75 years and older who have some cognitive deficits, such as dementia, are willing to cut back on medications if advised to do so. Learn more about the reasons behind deprescribing and why seniors were not a barrier in the decision.

Cancer Patients Might Require Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

While public health officials are urging additional COVID-19 vaccine doses for those who need them, it has been difficult to determine which patients fall into that category—especially those being treated for cancer. A new study drills down and advises which types of cancer patients receiving specific therapies are most likely to need additional doses for protection. Read more.


Study Suggests Verapamil Preserves Beta-Cell Function in T1D

Another small study is providing data on the potential benefit of the blood pressure drug verapamil in treating type 1 diabetes (T1D). Researchers advised that T1D patients taking verapamil continued to show benefits lasting at least 2 years. Find out how researchers determined that the common medication might help preserve some beta-cell function in patients recently diagnosed with T1D.

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