August 24, 2022 

Confusion Created With New CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

Recent changes in COVID-19 guidance have raised a lot of questions, and pharmacists are likely having to answer them. Learn more about why the CDC made the changes, as well as some specifics on how long patients need to isolate and why that varies not by vaccination status but by severity of symptoms.


Staff Shortages, Inflation Hit Community Pharmacies Especially Hard

For most small businesses, their increased expenses can be passed on to customers with higher prices. The situation is more complex for community pharmacies, which have little control over prescription drug prices. The result, according to a survey, is that neighborhood drugstores are reeling from the "double whammy" of inflation and staff shortages. Read more.

Blood Sugars Higher for Flu Vaccine Recipients With Diabetes

While hyperglycemia after influenza vaccination can be concerning, a recent study finds that the increase in blood sugar levels was transient in diabetes patients and resolves quickly. The authors of the report in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy advised that is it important for pharmacists and other vaccine providers to counsel recipients that hyperglycemia might occur but will normalize quickly. Read more.


Where Are Pharmacists Allowed to Administer Monkeypox Vaccines

So far, pharmacists have not been a major part of the effort to provide monkeypox vaccines to those at high risk of the infection, as well as those who already have developed symptoms. Yet, most states allow the vaccines to be administered in pharmacies, although restrictions might be in place, according to the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations. Read more.

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