March 15, 2023 

New Study Investigates Statin Alternatives

Statins are used by more than 35 million people in the United States to lower “bad” cholesterol levels, but those are not the only drugs approved to do that. Recent research has looked at some alternative medications that can reduce LDL cholesterol without the common statin side effects that cause some patients to develop an intolerance. Read more.


Continuing Antidepressants Better for Pregnant Women With Affective Disorders

While nearly one-half of women treated for affective disorders have typically discontinued antidepressant use during pregnancy, that does not appear to be the optimal practice, according to a new study. Find out why Norwegian researchers advised that continuing antidepressants instead of endorsing short-term use might be better for pregnant women with severe mental disorders on stable treatment.

Most Pharmacists Concerned PBMs Affect Their Practice

With a congressional investigation, the focus on pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and how they affect pharmacists and patients has increased. A recent survey demonstrated how strongly pharmacists feel about some PBM practices, with more than 93% of respondents expressing concern about efforts to steer beneficiaries to specific pharmacies. Learn more about the results of this study.


Prior Omicron Infection Protective, Especially With Boosters

A study of how prior infection with an Omicron variant affected the risk of future serious infection with COVID-19 not only answered that question but also demonstrated how much protection was improved by the use of vaccine boosters. Find out why the researchers recommend boosters even in those who have some immunity from prior infection.

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