April 8, 2020

How Pharmacists Can Protect Themselves, Staff Against COVID-19

Pharmacists and their employees are essential to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak and are on the frontlines. With some of them testing positive for the novel coronavirus, the issue of protecting themselves against the risk of the infection is now at the forefront. Here is some advice from state pharmacy associations and others.


Calcium-Channel Blocker Didn’t Reduce Parkinson’s
Progression in Trial

Dihydropyridine calcium-channel blockers have shown promise in earlier research of reducing Parkinson’s disease risk. As a result, a new trial tested the therapy for reducing rates of clinical progression of the neurological condition. While results were less-than-promising, researchers questioned whether dosage was high enough. Here are more details.

Cardiovascular Effects of COVID-19 Infection Could Have Long-Term Implications

Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals should be prepared for longer-term effects of COVID-19 on survivors, according to a new review looking at cardiovascular exacerbations and outcomes. Find out why the authors are urging that a risk model for cardiovascular complications be developed.


Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of Liraglutide in Obese Teens

Liraglutide is approved to help adults lose weight, along with diet and physician activity. A new study looked at whether obese adolescents could reap the same benefits and deemed the drug to be safe and effective in that cohort. Here is more information.

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