April 22, 2020

Here Is PPE Guidance for Pharmacists Participating in COVID-19 Testing

Pharmacists have been authorized to order and administer COVID-19 tests, and the CDC has issued guidelines on protective equipment while conducting the testing. Find out what level of protection is advised and what training pharmacy staff will need.


AHA Offers New Guidance on Best Therapy for
Concurrent T2D/CAD

Lowering blood sugar levels to prevent cardiovascular complications is no longer enough in patients with type 2 diabetes(T2D), according to new guidance from the American Heart Association. The group reviews therapy options considered more effective for coronary artery disease in patients who also have diabetes. Here is more information.

IBD Patients Should Stop Some Drugs If Infected
With COVID-19

Pharmacists should be aware that patients being treated for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) should discontinue some of their medications if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Which therapies should be temporarily stopped and which can continue? The American Gastroenterological Association answers those questions.


For Some ICU Patients, Where BP Is Measured Can
Make a Big Difference

Some intensive care patients had significantly different blood pressure readings based on exactly where on the body—or how—it was measured, according to a new study. The authors warn that could affect what life-saving care is provided. Here are more details.

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