June 10, 2020

Older Men Least Likely to Worry About COVID-19,
Take Precautions

Pharmacists might want to make a special effort to educate older men about COVID-19, including their likelihood of worse outcomes, and about how certain practices reduce their risk. That’s according to a new survey finding that cohort is the least likely to worry about the novel coronavirus and to take precautions against it. Here are more details. 


High Adherence to Oral Diabetes Medications Lowers Colorectal Cancer Mortality

While adherence to oral diabetes medications is always important, it is even more so when patients with diabetes mellitus develop colorectal cancer, according to Korean research. Find out how much following their drug regimens decreased mortality risks in patients compared with those who failed to do so. 

COVID-19 Patients Are 65% More Likely to Improve After 5 Days of Remdesivir

Promising data continue to come in on the ability of remdesivir to reduce severity in COVID-19 pneumonia. The manufacturer of the investigational antiviral drug reports results of a new phase lll study indicating that patients receiving a 5-day course were 65% more likely to show improvement by Day 11, compared with those who got only standard care. Here is more information. 


Common Antibiotic Doesn’t Shrink Aortic Aneurysms As Expected

The practice of prescribing doxycycline for patients with small abdominal aortic aneurysms might end based on a new study. Researchers found no difference in size of the aneurysms with the antibiotic versus placebo and now recommend against its use. Find out what they measured and how they came to that conclusion. 

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