July 8, 2020

CDC Offers More Guidance
on Vaccinating During
COVID-19 Pandemic

Even if they have mild illness, patients with COVID-19 symptoms shouldn’t receive routine vaccinations, at least partly to lower infection risks for healthcare providers. That’s among the advice in new guidelines from the CDC providing routine vaccinations during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Here are more details. 


Metformin Is Optimal Treatment for New T2D Patients
at Low CVD Risk

For years, metformin has been the first-line treatment for most patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and also one of the most frequently dispensed drugs by pharmacists. Now, a new meta-analysis says that practice should continue, especially if the patients aren’t at high risk for cardiovascular disease. Find out what else the meta-analysis and review says about diabetes medications. 

Erectile Dysfunction Medications Appear to Lower Some Colorectal Cancer Risks

Drugs approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction might have other valuable benefits. A new study suggests that PDE-5 inhibitors could be a chemopreventive agent for colorectal cancer. Find out what prompted the research and how the authors came to those conclusions. 


Insurer Offers Different COVID-19 Testing Options
to Health-Plan Members

Pharmacists have a slightly different role—observing people swabbing their own noses—as Walmart rolls out COVID-19 testing sites using its Neighborhood Market pharmacy window. Humana, the health insurance plan, says those sites will be one option for its members who qualify for novel coronavirus testing, with the other being a home-testing kit. Here is more information. 

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