July 22, 2020

Single Baloxavir Dose Effective in Reducing Household Influenza Transmission

Controlling influenza is especially important in a year in which the healthcare system is also grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why pharmacists might expect to be dispensing more baloxavir, marketed as Xofluza, this fall and winter. A new study found even a single dose of the drug to be highly effective in preventing household transmission of the flu. Here is more information. 


Adherence to HIV PrEP Plummets During COVID-19
Stay-at-Home Orders

If pharmacists noticed they were filling fewer prescriptions for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis medications during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, here’s why: A third of patients on PrEP said they had stopped using the drugs, primarily because they weren’t engaging in risky behaviors at the time. Here is more information from a recent survey. 

Analysis: Esketamine Effective for Major Depression But Cost
Limits Use

Studies have shown esketamine nasal spray to be effective in treating major depressive disorder that hasn’t responded to other medications, which led to its FDA approval. A study from a psychiatric hospital points out, however, that cost keeps the new product from being widely used for its intended purpose. Here are more details. 


Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Might Calm ‘Cytokine Storm’ in
COVID-19 Patients

A look back at patients treated during COVID-19 outbreaks led University of Michigan researchers to the possibility that IV tocilizumab could help combat overreacting immune systems. Find out how they calculated that the rheumatoid arthritis drug reduced mortality risk by 45%, despite increasing risks of comorbid infections. 

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