July 29, 2020

CDC Reports Which Patients Are Most Likely to Die From COVID-19

Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 often aren’t sure when they need to go to or return to the hospital, and pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are put in a difficult position when asked for guidance. A new CDC report should help: It discusses which patients are most likely to die from novel coronavirus infection and why some younger patients are more at risk than others. Here are the details.                                     


Statins Continue to Have CV, Mortality Benefit in Patients
Aged 75 Years and Older

Don’t be too quick to suggest that elderly patients need to go off some of their preventive medications. A new study advises that statins lower overall mortality in patients aged 75 years and older, as well as reduce specific cardiovascular (CV) deaths. Here is more information.

Reduced Dose of Prasugrel Shown to Be Safe, Effective for ACS Patients

Older age or lower weight can complicate treatment for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients. Find out how a new study examining the issue determined that a reduced dose of the antiplatelet prasugrel was as effective, and also was associated with a reduced risk of bleeding, when compared with a standard dose of tricagrelor. 


Cream Containing PDE-4 Inhibitor Shows Promise for
Psoriasis Patients

Systemic oral phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE-4) inhibitors have made a big difference in how psoriasis is treated. But what about topical formulations? Find out the results of a study looking at the effectiveness and safety of roflumilast cream that contains a PDE-4 inhibitor in easing psoriasis symptoms. 

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