August 12, 2020

Tapering Glucocorticoids Can Work for Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

In some patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, the treatment seems almost as bad as the disease when they have adverse effects from glucocorticoids. A new study finds it is possible to successfully taper the drugs in many cases, although patients generally fair better when they can tolerate and use them. Here is more information. 


Pharmacists Should Expect More, Different COVID-19 Testing Options Soon

As healthcare professionals on the front line of COVID-19 testing, pharmacists are well aware of high error rates and slow delivery of results. Find out how the National Institutes of Health is addressing those issues and which technologies could create more accurate, faster testing. 

PCSK9i Improves Coronary Artery Health in HIV, High Cholesterol Patients

Researchers say they were surprised that a PCSK9 inhibitor worked as well as it did to improve blood vessel function in patients with increased inflammation. Find out the effect on HIV patients and those with high cholesterol after a 6-week course of the cholesterol-lowering medication. 


Approved Beta-2 Agonists Might Enhance Sports Performance
in Nonasthmatics

Common asthma medications are at the center of a sports “doping” controversy, and a new review suggests that even beta-2 agonists that aren’t banned can help athletes improve their performance. The report provides an answer to the question of which bronchodilator delivery method is most likely to have that effect. 

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