August 19, 2020

Younger Women in the U.S. Have High Rates of Medication Nonadherence

Pharmacy-led efforts to increase medication adherence might need to focus on what appears to be an unlikely group. Find out how a new study determined that younger women in the United States have especially high rates of nonadherence to drug regimens. The primary reason is cost, according to the authors. 


Vitamin D, Calcium Supplementation Appear to Help Avoid
Vertigo Recurrence

While it might not work for everyone or all of the time, a new study suggests that vitamin D and calcium supplementation often can help prevent new occurrences of paroxysmal positional vertigo, which causes difficult interruptions in patient lives. Here is what Korean researchers said about the possible preventive treatment and why it is especially effective in patients who already have too-low vitamin D levels.                         

Younger Children Have Higher COVID-19 Viral Loads Than Older Patients

While it is unknown thus far if children younger than age 5 years are likely to be high spreaders of COVID-19 into the community, a new study suggests they certainly have that potential. Researchers found that infants and toddlers have much higher viral loads than older children or adults. Here are more details. 


It’s True: Thunderstorms Aggravate Respiratory Conditions in Some Patients

Pharmacists shouldn’t be surprised if they see an uptick in patients needing more asthma or COPD medications when thunderstorms are predicted or occur. A new study shows evidence for what patients have discussed for years: Unsettled conditions during severe thunderstorms aggravate their respiratory conditions. Here is more information. 

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