October 7, 2020

Many Parents Aren’t Heeding Advice to Increase Pediatric Flu-Vaccination Rates 

Most pharmacists are now able to vaccinate children. That is especially important with the push to increase flu- vaccination rates during the pandemic. A new poll found out, however, that many parents continue to resist advice to get flu shots for their children. Here is more information. 


Some MS Treatments Linked to More Hospitalization, Ventilation in COVID-19

International data on multiple sclerosis (MS) and COVID-19 suggest that certain MS treatments appear to increase risk of hospitalization and ventilation in patients with both. Here is information for pharmacists on which disease-modifying therapies were most linked with more severe outcomes among more than 1,500 patients studied. 

Does Regular Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk?

That proton pump inhibitors affect the gut microbiome is well documented, but the effects are not always clear. An observational analysis of past research suggests a link between use of the medications to reduce stomach acid and higher rates of type 2 diabetes. Find out how Chinese researchers reached that conclusion. 


New Hormone Options: Less Risk, More Benefit for
Vasomotor Symptoms

Women who require hormone therapy because of vasomotor symptoms have increasing options, according to a new conference presentation. Find out about new products, such as selective estrogen receptor modulators, which are increasingly changing how those patients are treated with fewer risks. 

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