Emergency Contraception: What Pharmacists Need to Know

Emergency contraception, also referred to as the morning-after pill, has been used to prevent unintended pregnancies since the 1960s.

Clozapine-Induced Myocarditis

Clozapine-induced myocarditis, which can be fatal, commonly presents within the first month of clozapine initiation, and it can be difficult to distinguish from a benign inflammatory response to clozapine.

Monitoring for Psychosis in Hospitalized Patients

Psychiatric symptoms may emerge in patients without a history of mental illness.

Overcoming Clinical Inertia in Diabetes Management: Pharmacist Opportunities

As type 2 diabetes progresses, it becomes more difficult to manage, for both the healthcare team and the patient.

Applying Recent A1C Recommendations in Clinical Practice

The benefits of tight glycemic control must be balanced against the harmful effects of hypoglycemia, especially in patients with limited life expectancy or comorbidities.

Aptima HBV Quant Assay

This product helps monitor patients with chronic hepatitis B infection who are prescribed antiviral therapy.

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