A Review of Testosterone Therapy Options for Men

It is essential for pharmacists to understand and educate patients about the profiles and administration techniques of the various types of treatments.

Ruling Increases Pharmacy False Claims Act Risks

Given indications that the government will continue to focus on the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies should prepare to deal with future allegations of FCA wrongdoing.


Hepatitis B Virus

This major global health problem can result in liver damage, chronic conditions, and mortality, but pharmacists can raise awareness and promote preventive measures, such as vaccination.

Role of Posttransplant Immunosuppressive Agents

Adherence to the complex therapeutic regimen required after transplantation is critical for decreasing or preventing rejection episodes.

Vericiguat in the Treatment of Heart Failure

Recent guidelines recommend this new option, a soluble guanylate cyclase agonist, for use in certain patients with this cardiovascular condition.

Combating Pediatric Obesity

Poor nutrition and low physical activity strongly correlate to unhealthy BMI in this group, and more research is needed to guide medication use against this precipitously rising condition. 


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