Adverse Neurologic Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use

Neurologic dysfunction—including cerebrovascular dysfunction, neuroinflammation, nicotine addiction, and behavioral and mental health problems—has emerged as a potential adverse effect of vaping.

Understanding and Managing Scleroderma

No cure exists for this autoimmune connective-tissue and rheumatic disease, so the goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms and halt progression.

COVID-19 Impact on Pharmacists’ Mental Health and Mitigation Strategies

Institutional efforts can help address workplace stressors and burnout, but healthcare workers should consider implementing personal strategies to improve their well-being.

Immunization News Digest

In-pharmacy vaccine clinical developments of interest to pharmacists.

Top Challenges in Medication Therapy Management

Uncovering the challenges that affect medication therapy management services in pharmacy practice is necessary in order to improve outcomes.

PTA: Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease that affects individuals diagnosed with the skin condition psoriasis.

Tylenol Cold & Flu Q&A

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