Eating Disorders Explained

This grouping of mental and physical illnesses involving complex relationships with food, exercise, and body image can be severe and have a high mortality rate.

Differentiating and Treating Urinary Tract Infections

Because the clinical symptoms of simple and complicated UTIs sometimes overlap, it can be challenging to determine which kind the patient has.

Stemming the Rising Tide of MDD

In the United States, major depressive disorder ranks second as a cause of disability; a recently approved medication provides a fast-acting treatment with minimal side effects.

Caring for High-Risk Ambulatory Adult Patients

Nirmatrelvir/ritonavir, remdesivir, and molnupiravir are the three COVID-19 treatment regimens that several evidence-based guidelines recommend for
this population.

Getting in Front of Future Pandemics

In a recent opinion article, two virologists proposed that the scientific community invest in a four-part research framework to proactively identify animal viruses that might infect humans.

Differences in COVID-19 Outcomes in Minority Populations

The occurrence of notable differences early in the pandemic indicates the need to evaluate potential reasons for these disparities and prevent future recurrence.


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