Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Review

Pharmacists can assist in the management of this disorder by providing counseling regarding therapy and recommending lifestyle changes.

The Resurgence of Mumps

Pharmacists can play a major role in educating the community and administering the third dose of MMR vaccine during a mumps outbreak.

Doxycycline-Associated Tooth Staining in Young Children

The rare incidence of tooth staining with doxycycline use in pediatric patients is encouraging.

Pharmacy Visits Boost Drug Adherence in HF Patients

Compared with usual care, a recent clinical study found, individuals regularly seen by pharmacists were nearly 6% more likely to collect their prescribed medications.

Controversy Swirls Around e-Cigarettes

In addition to findings of cardiovascular disease and depression in adults using these products, the growing use by adolescents raises new health concerns.

Latest Clinical Practice Guidelines for Seasonal Influenza

The Infectious Diseases Society of America recently released updated clinical practice guidelines for the management of seasonal influenza.

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