Worsening Overdose Crisis Predicted

Opioid-related research developments of interest to pharmacists.

Pain, Agitation, and Delirium: A Review of Pertinent Guideline Updates for Pharmacists

Treating pain can help decrease agitation, while limiting sedation can help prevent delirium within the ICU. 


This virus attacks the body’s immune system and, over time, causes significant damage to the immune system, leading eventually to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS),

Fifth Disease: An Update

A balanced diet, adequate fluids,  and resting will help patients self-manage this condition.

CMS Initiatives Regarding Pain-Management Issues

In 2018, CMS adopted a three-pronged approach to the public-health emergency posed by opioid use.

OTC Transdermal Analgesic Patches in Pain Management

While these products are generally safe when used according to labeling, pharmacists must be familiar with available evidence in order to help patients safely self-medicate.

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