Thoughtful Communication Primer for Pharmacists

Using positive and empowering words not only improves patients’ satisfaction and reduces healthcare costs; most importantly, it bolsters their physical and mental health as well.


Hip Replacement

One of the most common and fastest-growing procedures, this surgery is driven by the need for increased mobility and quality of life in the aging U.S. population.

Diabetes Management and Risk-Factor Control

Optimizing control of glucose levels and associated risk factors is essential to mitigate, delay, or prevent negative health outcomes in individuals with diabetes.

Treating the COVID-19 Patient With Diabetes

Understanding how to manage coinfected individuals at higher risk for worse outcomes and promoting preventive care are crucial to optimizing therapy.

Artificial Intelligence Might Streamline Drug Development

This technique could help expedite vaccine and antiviral research by markedly lessening the time needed for virus detection compared with traditional viral plaque assays.

An Overview of Down Syndrome

Although children with this chromosomal condition might appear to act and look similar to one another, each individual has different abilities.


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