Cystic Fibrosis: Update on Treatment Guidelines and New Recommendations

Patient counseling is more important than it has ever been regarding the treatment of CF.

Updates in Pharmacotherapy for Melanoma

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has updated its guidelines on the use of immunotherapy and targeted therapy in melanoma.

Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccination in Diabetic Patients

According to the 2015 National Diabetes Statistics Report, 30 million adults with diabetes types 1 and 2 were at higher risk for vaccine-preventable diseases such as influenza and pneumonia.

iPro2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

This continuous blood glucose monitoring device has demonstrated some evidence of effectiveness in the management of diabetes. 

Levofloxacin 50 mg/mL Oral Suspension

This preparation may be suitable for patients who cannot tolerate an excipient in the available generic formulations.

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