Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease with an unpredictable course, with some people experiencing mild symptoms and others experiencing symptoms that worsen over time and cause significant disability. View a video about Multiple Sclerosis.

Menopause: Changes and Challenges

The decision to use hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms depends on clinical presentation and requires a thorough evaluation of risks and benefits with the patient.

Incidence of Foodborne Illness

The CDC defines a foodborne disease outbreak as the occurrence of two or more similar illnesses resulting from ingestion of a common food.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Review of Treatment Options

Irritable bowel syndrome encompasses a group of gastrointestinal conditions characterized by pain and abnormal bowel habits that have no identifiable root cause.

Heart Failure Guidelines: Introduction to the New Agents

In 2016, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the Heart Failure Society of America published an update on new pharmacologic therapy for heart failure.

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